Live-Webinar: Introducing Snapt with Dave Blakey, Co-CEO and CTO of Snapt

Free online event with live demos on November 25th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Naveum has partnered with Snapt to become an official distributor in the DACH region. Visit us for an introduction to Snapt's state-of-the-art ADC solutions that enable fast and secure delivery of business-critical applications anytime, anywhere on any platform or cloud-based infrastructure.

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Introduction to Snapt - Load balancing and WAF for modern applications


Snapt revolutionizes the security, transparency and control of websites, web servers and APIs, reduces scaling costs massively and offers the best support in the industry. Snapt helps the next generation of creators build the digital landmarks of tomorrow.

  • A presentation of Snapt's solutions for application security, visibility and control

  • Presentation of Naveum as a distribution partner for the DACH region

  • Introduction and live demo of the Snapt Nova platform

Price: Free

Language: English


Dave Blakey

Snapt Co-CEO and CTO

Dave Blakey founded Snapt in 2012 and is currently the company's CEO.

Dave has grown to become a leading expert in DevOps, hyper-scale and programmability, with an in-depth knowledge of high-performance network systems, management, security solutions and on-demand hyper-scale in an increasingly complex, fragmented and rapidly changing environment.

He is passionate about promoting the South African startup ecosystem and expanding the global presence of the South African tech hub.

Tom Lüssi

Naveum CEO, VMware vExpert 2014-2021

Tom Lüssi has been working in the IT industry in the areas of training, systems engineering and consulting for around 20 years and has supported many companies in the planning, implementation and automation of their storage, virtualization and cloud platforms. Tom founded Naveum AG in 2017 and initially worked as CTO before taking on the position of CEO in 2019.

Launched in 2012, Snapt provides end-to-end application security, visibility and control solutions for traditional, hybrid and cloud-native environments. Snapt ensures that business-critical applications, web services and APIs are always on, always fast and always secure.

Services and Solutions

Snapt's application delivery controllers include load balancing, application firewalling, global server load balancing and web acceleration.

Trust the Best

Snapt is a Gartner-recognized application security company that works with thousands of customers around the world, protecting over 10,000 applications.

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