Naveum at Cloud Expo Europe 2021 at Messe Frankfurt

The digital transformation event | December 08-09, 2021 | Messe Frankfurt

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt will once again bring together leading decision-makers with the most innovative, exciting cloud computing solution providers on-site this year, offering the opportunity to learn from each other and do business. Around 300 exhibitors will showcase current trends and new developments.

This year, Naveum and Snapt will also be present with a joint booth. As an innovative cloud service provider with the mission to make companies more agile, faster and even more successful on the basis of modern cloud solutions, in order to be able to sustainably drive forward the digital transformation and remain competitive in the future. We look forward to your visit and interesting discussions.

Click here for free registration for Cloud Expo Europe 2021

Meet our experts from Naveum AG and Snapt at booth K115 at Messe Frankfurt. Registration can be done directly on the Cloud Expo website, participation in the fair is free of charge for you.

Here are the highlights you can expect from Naveum and Snapt at Cloud Expo Europe

Load balancing and WAF for modern applications

Snapt Nova is a centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring load balancers and firewalls for web applications in any cloud and across multiple locations.

Nova allows you to easily manage the security of your web applications and deploys your WAF and load balancer templates in any cloud. With Snapt Nova, you can create, roll out and manage load balancers and firewalls for your web applications directly from the control platform running in our highly secure data centers. The following clouds are supported by Nova:

  • AWS - Amazon Web Services

  • DigitalOcean

  • Naveum

  • Google Cloud

  • linode

  • Microsoft Azure

  • VMware Cloud Director (former VMware vCloud Director)

The central security platform for all your websites and applications

Snapt Nova is the next generation of load balancing and application security, taking your security and risk management to a new level.

AI-powered security for your web applications.

Nova Nodes include the powerful Nova WAF, which provides a secure web application firewall to prevent hacking, DoS, abuse, bots and more.

Intelligent load balancing

Nova is a powerful Layer 7 load balancer that can be deployed anywhere in the world and automatically scales up to millions of SSL TPS.

Easy to get started and free to use

Try Nova today for free with the community version that includes WAF, load balancer, analytics and much more. Sign up today and get your first ADC live in minutes or configure your dream network.

Sign up for a free account today and try the Nova ADC solution in minutes.

Who is Snapt?

Launched in 2012, Snapt provides end-to-end application security, visibility and control solutions for traditional, hybrid and cloud-native environments. Snapt ensures that business-critical applications, web services and APIs are always on, always fast and always secure.

Services and Solutions

Snapt's application delivery controllers include load balancing, application firewalling, global server load balancing and web acceleration.

Trust the Best

Snapt is a Gartner-recognized application security company that works with thousands of customers around the world, protecting over 10,000 applications.

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